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Armscor 10mm 180-Grain Ammunition Review


Ammo Review:

Kyle with True Shot here to review the Armscor 10mm 180grain full metal jacket Ammunition available at
As one of the largest ammo suppliers in Southeast Asia, Armscor is widely used by military, police and recreational shooters. Originating in the Philippines and still manufacturing there, Armscor USA is manufactured in the United States. You can tell the difference between country of origin by the color of the lettering on the cases. Blue letters mean it was manufactured in the United States, Red letters were manufactured in the Philippines. While many people are not familiar with the Armscor name, most know Rock Island Armory from their line up of 1911 pistols. Rock Island and Armscor are one in the same so you can depend on their reputation for quality products in their ammo line.

Let’s start this review with the specifications of this ammunition:

1. Armscor’s 10mm round is a 180-grain full metal jacket bullet that produces muzzle velocity of 1,008 feet per second and muzzle energy of 406 foot pounds. Which does put it on the slower end of 10mm rounds making it a softer round to shoot.
2. We sell these in cases of 1,200 rounds, and by 100 round boxes.


Now let’s talk about what we like about this ammunition:

1. Known for value, Armscor does it again with their 10mm round, its economical round means you can spend more time at the range without denting your wallet.


Now let’s talk about what we don’t like about this ammunition:

1. The feet per second at only 1,008 feet per second will be a deterrent for some shooters who prefer a hotter round such as the Sig branded 10mm that has about 24% more muzzle velocity than the Armscor brand coming in at 1,250 feet per second.

Now for the verdict:

While we wish the Armscor 10mm had a little more punch to it, the price is so good that we will look the other way. If you’re looking for a solid plinking round or a softer shooting 10mm round then the Armscor 10mm is for you.
If you’re looking to order this product or any other, please visit our website at, call us at (888)736-6587 Or, if you prefer, you can email us at [email protected]
Thanks for joining us on this review of the Armscor 10mm 180-grain full metal jacket ammunition, I’m Kyle, reminding you; to keep shooting.

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