I must have heard this questions 200 times a day when we first started. People couldn’t believe that they had never heard of a place that had such great prices on ammo.

We use to refer to ourselves as “The Best Gun Shop No-one has Heard of” but those days are long gone. We are still the best gun shop, but people know who we are now.

We have taken our bulk ammo prices nationwide with great success! We make a splash and leave our price sheets everywhere to end that damn phrase “Whats a True Shot”.

We ask you, our loyal customers, if there is anything we can do to earn your business – please let us know. We are dedicated to providing the best ammo at the best prices with the best experience.  Oh, and if you do like our products and services, please tell a friend or leave us a 5 start review somewhere on the interwebs. It helps us continue to bring you the best specials deals!

~ Thank you ~